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2 in 1: NURSING PILLOW and BABYNEST. Large contour to support the baby. 100% portable, lightweight and compact. Ideal for sleeping with your baby in bed or as a travel cradle. The base can be removed thanks to a zipper, turning the outline into a nursing pillow. Available in our favorite 100% cotton or linen fabrics.

A new fashion imported from the Nordic countries and that is already all the rage here. This Babynest model is more spacious and is also a 2 in 1: BREASTFEEDING CUSHION and BABYNEST. This baby nest will ensure that your baby can sleep peacefully and safely anywhere: between mom and dad, on the sofa, etc. The large contour allows you to support the baby. It can also be a crib reducer so that the space in which it sleeps does not seem so big or a travel mini-crib. The base is a foam mattress that can be removed thanks to a zipper, turning the contour into a nursing pillow. Highly recommended by pediatricians in the Nordic countries. Its large size allows it to be used until the baby is one year old, you can open the lower part when your baby is older.

SIZE: 95 x 60 x 15 cm.

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