Wooden puzzle maze

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What an excellent combination of hand-eye coordination and logical thinking! Our wooden puzzle maze is a delightful addition to your Montessori corner, and it wont just be the little ones who want to have a go!

Beautifully made,  and incredible quality, our wooden puzzle maze is a fantastic way to help your child to accurately use and manipulate objects, influencing the ability to maintain effective finger positioning.

Mazes and puzzles help your child to work on executive functioning skills, such as planning and brainstorming, and Mazes help your child to work on their executive functioning skills, such as planning and brainstorming, not to mention a wonderful way to improve fine motor control and visual control.


How to Play:

Beginning with one end of the rope, find the hole that corresponds with the wooden puzzle piece in your hand and pop it in. Now, holding the rope , follow your way through the maze to find a suitable path, looking for the the next hole of the wooden puzzle piece. Continue with all corresponding pieces,  until you have passed all wooden puzzle pieces through the maze.

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